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Welcome to Tyrrell’s Trails!  We’re a small, locally owned guiding and outfitting business, ran by young, hardworking Alaskans with a passion for hunting.  A lifelong career in the guiding industry, as well as a background in Alaskan bush flying and outdoor pursuits has prepared us with the tools we need to create truly exceptional wilderness hunts!

We offer high quality, fair chase sporting opportunities for a limited number of hunters each year to pursue the most desired trophies in the state of Alaska.  It is our goal that every hunter leaves knowing that 110% effort was put forth during the preparation and execution of their hunt.


We hunt in the Brooks Range of Alaska, as well as on the Alaska Peninsula, and hunts are available for Moose, Sheep, Grizzly Bear, and Coastal Brown Bear. All hunts are one on one wilderness spike camp style hunts, and hunting areas are accessed with company owned small aircraft, which are available at all times during the hunt to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.  Please peruse the photos and information on our website, and feel free to contact us at any time for further information.